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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Screening Tenants

Hi Prospects & Friends,

I wanted to make a quick note about screening tenants, if any of you have rental properties you rent for yourself or manage for someone else. I know the screening process can be quite devastating if you don't have the proper techniques or knowledge to find a good tenant. I learned my screening skills from my telemarketing skills I learned back when I was younger working as telemarketer for different companies. I took the technique I learned from those companies and carefully crafted it into my own tenant screening I use today. One of the techniques I learned that worked well with me, are when I run an ad I won't show the prospect or future tenant the property until they've answered some questions I've asked them over the phone. To get to this point, you have to wait for the prospect to call you. Once they call you let them ask you a question about the property first, then answer with a telemarketing question similar with theirs as a response. Example:

Prospect- I saw your ad in the paper & website. Where is it located?

April C. Harris- It's on northside. [So what side of town are you located on, & how long how you lived their?]

This is a good example of some of my techniques for telemarketing prospects or future tenants because I waited for the prospect to say their question first, then I answered question with my question I wanted to know also mixed in with theirs, without distracting or confusing them. My point is I don't want to waste time, if a person isn't qualified based on my criteria for selecting them as a tenant. The telephone techniques work well for me prequalifying a prospect for rental, because I know by time I've shown the property to them they are already what I want in a good tenant, & this crafting technique is promising if you leverage the right questions at the right time with prospect/tenant. I currently manage & own 7 properties, & I've used my techniques to find long term tenants my whole duration of my managing and screening for my rental properties. My techniques are basic questions when you call on my ads for rentals, but I do craft additional questions based on analyzing the conservation I have with you when asking me questions about the rentals available for lease. My tenant screening process also still includes running credit, job history, & rental history, but once again the telephone technique is a must which I do first, because it doesn't make sense to show a prospect or future tenant a property of mine if they were never prequalified from the beginning. I will provide a short book soon about my techniques with examples to better understand. Check with my online store listed under April's websites in this blog regularly to see if screening tenants is available for sale yet. Thanks, I will provide another article soon.

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