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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Protesting

Hi, Friends & Prospects,

I wanted to take a quick moment to explain how worthy it is to protest your property taxes whether it's your residential or commercial property. I know like me many of you don't have time to go down to your county appraisal district office and do your filing. Well here in Texas you can do it online and wait for results, and only time you have to appear in person would be when your market value figure is rejected you submitted. So first find out if your county appraisal district office will allow you to file your tax protest online. Quick tip is find an educated real estate broker or agent in your area and ask them to give you a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) which is a summary of homes sold in your subdivision or area in last 6 months. You then can use the CMA value for your tax protest value and have substantial data to back up your tax protesting. Many real estate brokers and agents offer you a CMA for free, and in return all they request is you keep them part of your network. I know with me I offer CMA's for free here in Texas to my clients, and only ask in return for them to keep me part of their real estate business network. I'm part of a real estate broker and agent network and will be happy to refer you to someone in your county or area who will be able to assist you with the CMA and tax protesting, if can't find anyone. So in conclusion, find a good real estate broker or agent and leverage and reciprocate my equation, and both of you will have a solid trustworthy everlasting business relationship. I will soon write a small book about this article, with tips more in detail. Check with my online store regularly to see if I've posted it for sale. The store is listed under April's Websites in this blog. Thanks again and will come back with another helpful article soon.

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