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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tax Forms/Service

Hi Prospects & Friends,

I wanted to share a business experience I had awhile back with one of my friends who is a CPA. As a small business owner I try to minimize my business expenses by carefully analyzing the situation/costs. I ran into a problem last year where I was emailing my CPA friend every month asking tax questions about 1099 misc forms, and other related tax forms. He told me April your a good friend, but I'm going to have to start charging you because your causing me to actually engage in consulting, than just a short email answer. So I said ok what is your consulting price, and he said $80/quarter (every three months) with unlimited email questions. So I then said ok I will send you the check, as I said that my brain started thinking there has to be a way to figure this stuff out by myself. So I started surfing the web and came across the Internal Revenue Site. After surfing the site for an hour I came across these things:

A. They offer free tax forms with maxi um of 1,000 for small businesses, and will deliver to your office or home for free.

B. They offer free samples of tax forms, so you can use that as a go-by when trying to fill in your own tax forms.

C. They have a free tax # to call for your tax form questions, and a rep will assist you

D. They offer business seminars to small businesses
E. There link is http://www.irs.gov/ favorite/save it on your computer so will have

So after analyzing after an hour of the Internal Revenue Website, I decided it didn't make sense to pay my friend who is a CPA $80/quarter for tax questions, when I could get what I needed from this site for free & talk to a rep for free. I called him back the next day and said why didn't you tell me about the Internal Revenue Website? He said April I have to make a living just like you and mentioned he was upset with me for going on my own to get my tax question stuff answered for free. I realized I wasn't wrong for what I did and realized he has to make a living just like the rest of us, but my personality trait of being a curious small business owner/entrepreneur caused me to go on my own to get my tax form solutions myself. So my summary is I've replaced my CPA friend with the Internal Revenue Website as my consultant which is free, and saved my company $80/quarter for tax form questions.
"Don't get me wrong my CPA friend was actually a great friend and allowed me to get away without paying all in 2007 and mid of early 2008, but it was around April 2008 he said the recession started to affect a bit and decided to charge me $80/quarter consulting fees. So I then thought because I never paid him anything for the consult emails I was use too getting for free, I had to think quick/fast. My idea about leveraging the Internal Revenue Website was generated the same day he said he would start charging me after I hung up. So I never ended up paying the $80/quarter consulting fee".

FYI- I only leverage this site for my free tax forms and tax related free questions with rep for those forms, because it's saving me $80/quarter than with my friend CPA. *My biggest gainer is I'm saving my business from paying unnecessary consulting money* This site allows me to get my tax questions answered for free unlimited and tax forms free also. I'm just not paying anything, and all its costing me is my time. The site will benefit each business differently, so can use however like.

PS- Picture in article is 1 of my journal designs I offer for sale in my on-line store. Click on ACHP on-line store to the right to see the many other design colors for sale if interested. I use the task style journal for my small business when logging in my tax form question answers I get from free tax rep. Will offer another helpful article soon.

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  1. Hello April,

    how is the business going on these days with the down turn in the real estate market?

    Hope you are one of the lucky gals who have some good objects to sell or rent!

    Keep on dropping and updating your blog