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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Business Text Messaging

Hi Prospects & Friends,

I wanted to share with you all how business texting has found it's way into my company A. Colette Harris Properties, LLC. permanently, & how valuable of a row it is to allow it. I manage tenants & with everyday company duties I handle, one would think a simple phone call would work. Well my conversing with my tenants has shifted from phone calls/emails to texting for repairs, to when was rent received & general questions about the rental property. I have adopted the texting, because many of the tenants work at companies where they can't use company email for personal use or restricted to making personal phone calls while at work. I get text messages throughout the day/night concerning questions the tenants may have or want to ask me. I reply quickly & get the needs of the tenant accomplished while their at work. For example I had a tenant text me last Friday, saying the bathroom sink has a leak & could a plumber come out to fix it? I texted tenant back asking what is causing the sink to leak, & tenant explained. I said I would have a plumber out Monday, & tenant texted back , "OK thanks". I would say about 5-8 texts were sent back & fourth with I & tenant to converse the repair problem. Another example is most of my tenants want texts with me saying "Received Rent" with the date included in text message. I get texts now from many of my tenants & have accepted it as part of my business & think it's a great business strategy to keep everyone happy I manage. This may not work for many of you who run businesses, & many of you may think I have adopted a un-professional communicating strategy. Well at first I thought I did, and wanted just the email/phone calls during normal business hours, but as I continue to grow the communicating continues to change with technology & people, & in my case I'm accepting the best strategy that works for my tenants. I always thought I would only received texts from family & friends, but now when my phone goes off, it will be a tenant texting me too. My rule for tenants is I will take texts until 10:00 p.m. Monday-Sunday after that the phone gets turned off.

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