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Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Cutting Out Middlemen"

Hi Prospects & Friends,

I wanted to quickly share with you all why it's important to cut out unnecessary middlemen in your business. Foremost it saves you money with your business & advances your brain by understanding the many complications why many businesses get cheated with not knowing how to research basic principles of the purpose of using middlemen. Many of you are wondering if you don't already know, "What is a Middleman"? My definition of a middleman is anyone who is costing you unnecessary money with your business (you can do yourself by using your brain & Internet). Anyone who runs a business even me, know you want to minimize your costs by most definitely choosing the best efficient way to go about saving money for your business situation. To reason this further, I wrote how I cut out my Accountant friend for the quarterly consulting I was doing by email, & how I didn't hire a stock broker by handling my own brokerage accounts in my blog. Read those articles they will explain the middlemen scenario I've approached today. If anything many of you are thinking many of the middlemen you use (banks, insurance agents, stock brokers, lawyers, etc.) you can't cut out & do yourself. In any case when you run across a business situation ask your self "Can I cut some of the duties this middleman is doing by doing myself to save money"? In any case you can for me see below:

1. I cut out the unnecessary consulting my accountant friend was going to charge me $80/quarter, by using the irs.gov for free.
2. I cut out hiring a individual stock broker by researching various stock stuff to manage my own brokerage accounts as I please I opened online by using Fidelity & leveraging their free service.
3. I cut out the company that was charging me a $35 fee to receive credit reports each time I got a prospect/tenant by getting myself setup through this same company to run my own credit reports when I approve tenants. I saved myself paying the $35 & at same time receive the $35 as income for my business since I'm the one running the credit now

I could go on and on about cutting out middlemen to save money, & what I've done to accomplish such, but it only works if your a serious business entrepreneur who is trying to save your business money. I speak the truth through my articles only because I experience this stuff in real business life. I've learned as I continue to grow, no one teaches you much about anything unless their benefiting first. Learn to benefit yourself first when it comes to saving business money with middlemen, & learn to also apply my rule you only benefit yourself second when it comes to your customers, they come first. Check with my online store on right side of my blog to see when I will offer a pamphlet about "Cutting out Middlemen Techniques"

P.S. Check out my journals in my ACHP online store. There great for writing down great stuff you learn throughout your journey. (They can be used for anything, I use them to log in my tasks I do daily with my business/personal life).

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