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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get Rich Quick

Hi Prospects & Friends,

I wanted to say something about this "Get Rich Quick" scenario with real estate. There is no such thing as getting rich quick in real estate. People who are selling you their books & cd's about getting rich quick are just fooling you into the metaphor ~Rich Quick~ phrase & hoping you buy into it, which many people are. I've been doing real estate since 1997 & know you need more than basic knowledge to earn any money with the real estate business. My philosophy is get your education, continue to advance your education & develop a niche mastered surrounding your education. Nothing in life is ~Quick~ you have to earn the results, if anything remember this:

~A true successful business entrepreneur isn't in business just to make money & get rich, that is actually the by-product from ones learning & experience. It is the mastering of ones skills & staying ahead of your competition that make you a true successful business entrepreneur~

Also if you can't analyze investment equations, advance your skills, know the tax laws or hold onto your real estate at least 8+ years, then choose another career. Leveraging your skills & continuing to advance them will get you wealthier with real estate & any other business you pursue.


  1. Every investment has risks and drawbacks. The important thing is to recognize them, to be aware of what can happen to your investments, and to make sure you aren't exposed to risks you can't afford.

  2. CoachingbyPeter- My point in the ~Get Rich Quick~ article is to allow people to understand wealth generates from learning & learning generates from being determined to want to know why you have to learn the information in the first place. People who only learn to get rich quick will not survive the business world, because most of them short come others to gain for themselves. I have know reason to lie when I say mastering ones skills makes you wealthier it will as long as you stick to the strategy. My point is while many are reading a ~Get Rich Quick~ scheme, & wasting time & money on someone else's fake niche, I'm advancing my skills & making a place for my own road to follow. Remember we only have:
    1 Bill Gates
    1 Warren Buffet
    1 Tiger Woods
    1 Oprah
    All these people have mastered their "Niche Skills" first & therefore the by-product of all that generated wealth & endorsements/empires that made them ~Get Rich~