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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Framed Tiles

Hi Prospects & Friends,

I've uploaded a front and back image of my framed wall tiles I've created and have listed for sale for $11.99 each. They come in different designs and colors and maybe placed in your:

1. Living Room
2. Dining Room
3. Kitchen
4. Gameroom
5. Bedroom
6. Sunroom
7. Library
8. Family Room
9. Study
10. Guess Room
11. Home Office
12. Etc.

I put etc, because basically you can place the framed wall tiles anywhere you like. I currently have them in my home office, and will put some in my kitchen also. So come on over to my c store located on right side of my blog and get 1 or how ever many you like!



Post Cards "Blank Backs"

Mouse pad is for sale for $14.50 click my c-store for more designs!

Hi Prospects & Friends,

For me marketing the right efficient way will help minimize my business cost and at the same time allow me to put more time with analyzing other business related stuff. Last week I decided to use a particular kind of post card, "blank backs". I ordered 200 post cards for $12.99, and the post cards I ordered I made sure the backs were blank. The front part of the post card had image/design of my choice from the store's selections , but the back was blank because I wanted the ability to leverage the backs with my own verbiage. I created a post card template with my software and customized it with my own verbiage about me and my company and the services I'm providing for this particular post card. When my post cards arrived I immediately starting printing the backs with my template I created. The post cards are brilliant and great, and because I customized the backs myself I was able to re-create thoughts generated as I brain stormed how I wanted the final customized verbiage to appear on the post card back before I printed them on my laser printer. Since the post cards were $12.99 for 200, and they are still $12.99 for 200, I decided to order 10,000 more post cards, which cost me a total of $649.50. So since my customized post card template is saved, all I have to do is order the post cards as I need them with blank backs and print my verbiage from my customized template I originally created. I recommend any small business or anyone in general trying to get the word out about their services leverage using post cards coupled with their brains creativeness.

**PS- I opened another branch to my online store, the "A. Colette Harris Properties, LLC On-line Z Store. The store offers key chains, posters, mugs/cups and postage/stamps. Store is located under "April's Business Websites" to right of my blog**.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jewel Foreclosure- "Bank REO"

Hi Prospects & Friends,

I wanted to share a foreclosure with you all that just hit the market a couple of days ago. The property is a bank reo, and it is priced well below market for this subdivision. The price/sq.ft. for this subdivision is $173.24 as of 8/2009, but the property is currently being listed for $102.82/sq.ft. See data below for this foreclosure:

Listed for $940,500
Sq.ft. 9,147
Lot sq.ft. 37,608
7Br/5Ba/3half Ba
4 car garage

So for a 9,147 sq.ft. house listed for $940,500, that has a market price of $1,585,000 you can't beat that deal, the house stands with $644,500 in market equity just by being a foreclosure. Great deal for the person going to buy this house, they will be of great fortune. This is one of those deals where you have to analyze the estate tax laws also which if not renewed after 2010 will cause this house to be heavenly estate taxed on top of the capital gains and other required taxes. If I bought this house I would just never sell it and enjoy realizing someday who ever I leave the house too will be of great fortune, once the home is paid off. I would make sure I've analyzed every possible tax scenario to keep the prior wealth accumulated with this house.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Investing With Real Estate

Hi Prospects & Friends,

I wanted to share with all investing with real estate can provide valuable long term rewards, if you do your research wisely. I've been investing in real estate since 2003, but have been doing real estate since 1997. Real estate is only complicated to many when they realize the problems they run into require someone of expertise for such problems. It is always wise to learn the basics of real estate terminology first, then apply the advanced techniques afterwards, if your entering into this business as from the investment stand point. If you're just seeking real estate as a supplement to you're income, and don't want to leverage skills into your time, I would still suggest hiring a real estate professional & still learning the basics of the real estate terminology. Learning the basic terminology of real estate will lay down the foundation, and guide you to your valuable longer term rewards future wise. Once you've learned the basic terminology of real estate and characteristics, then get yourself familiar with what it is you want to invest in, will it be:

1. Condos
2. Single Family homes
3. Land
4. Multi-Family
4. High Rises
5. ?/Etc

All properties listed above come in the form of residential or commercial. Depending how you decide to structure the investment from the beginning will determine if it will be commercial or residential. Example I will note is land, will you invest in commercial land or residential land? Another example if you decide to invest in single family homes their classified as residential, but if you set them up in a corporation mortgage companies and banks will consider them commercial & treat them as commercial loans, as well as tax purposes will heavenly change also. So you can see real estate becomes more complicated as you engage in it more, but the key is continuing to learn everything it is to know that applies to your choice of investment. Feel free to navigate my websites listed on right of my blog under "April's Business Websites" to learn more about me and my real estate knowledge. As well as reading this blog, I offer posts I actually experience and apply investment techniques to help ones understand the principles needed to advance the situation.

P.S. I've included a picture of 1 of my keepsake boxes for sale listed for sale at ACHP On-line Store. Check them out and the many other products I have for sale also.