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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home Teddy Bears

Hi Prospects & Friends,

I wanted to introduce my Home Teddy Bears for sale for $13.99 over @ my C Store on right side of my blog or by clicking http://www.har.com/acoletteharrisprpts then C Store. The bears come in designs of homes and maybe used however like. Listed below are some areas I listed that would be great for sending the bears too:

1. Churches
2. Hospitals
3. Charities
4. Schools
5. Nursing Homes

My bears need love & a home, so whether you decide to send them to places like 1-5 or just give them to a loved one do it for a good deed & cause.



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Office Condo- Investment Analysis

Hi Prospects & Friends,

First I'm trying to leverage a great location for my real estate endeavor I'm developing. I came across this office condo yesterday and analyzed these current stats:

Location- A+
Year Blt- 2009
Sq.ft.- 1,350
Rental Rate- $21.33/sq.ft./year or $1.78/sq.ft./mth
Taxes- $5,072/year
Maint Fee- $185/mth
Proposed Insurance- $250/mth
Listing price- $226,400
Depreciation Factor- 3.175 (31 years max)

So because this is a commercial property I will apply my investment analysis range stat to see if #'s work. I will use 8% & 9% since this is a commercial property & that's what rates are going for right now:


So my investment analysis range for this office condo equates to $191,677-$210,218. So I would not pay more than $210,218 for this office condo based on current stats. The current list price is $226,400 so it's not far from $210,218. Now I will discuss why this office condo caught my attention (besides the current stats).

*Currently has four large offices, restroom, reception area, storage closets, and kitchen. It also has an executive suite with it's own private entry and restroom*.

The office condo includes and "executive suite with it's own private entry and restroom" This highly factors in the conclusion me renting the other side out to another small business. Since my company is set up as a Single Member LLC, and I have no employees I really don't need the whole 1,350 sq.ft. of office. So this would be a great investment endeavor for me to prosper, I would setup as below:

Side A- Has 4 large offices, restroom, reception area, storage closets & kitchen. This would be where my company A. Colette Harris Properties, LLC would be.

Side B- Executive suite with it's own private entry & restroom. This would go to a small business I would rent too. My idea of a typical commercial tenant I would "seek" would be a Real Estate Attorney, Estate Planner, Insurance Agent, Accountant.

My investment stat gets tricky because I will be on 1 side of the building so I will not receive the full $2,400 just the $1,200 in rent per the rental rate/sq.ft. So I will have to reverse the stat to ($1,543+$422+$185+$250=$2,400 so my piti should not go over $2,400/mth instead of the $1,543 in this case. So now because the building would be considered owner/investor user & not 100% tenancy the investment analysis range would state do not pay more than still $210,218 for property and not have a piti of more than $2,400/mth. Applying the reversal with a down payment to the investment analysis range would now look like:

If you get property for $205,000 @ 8% with 25% down ($1,129+$422+$185+$250=$1986-$1,200 in rent=$786. So now the investment stat says instead of me paying $1986/mth (piti) for the office condo I would only pay $786/mth while the commercial tenant pays the $1,200 to equate to my total mortgage of $1,986/mth which falls below the $2,400/mth as noted earlier because of the owner/investor occupancy reversal stat. So the $1,200/mth I'm saving I can now apply to my small business with:

1. Gaining more & more skills
2. Invest in more real estate
3. Invest in stocks & index funds
3. Etc (get my point)?

Getting the right data to come up with my investment analysis stat range is quite tricky, because you have to apply the current facts and other stats, so if you don't know where to get such data to analyze from beginning it would be wise to not engage in this advanced kind of analysis with out someone with qualified skills to assist you. I will monitor this office condo, because it's a good small business move real estate endeavor for me to pursue once it falls in to my investment analysis stat parameters.

So as you can see applying these posts below I've written on this blog to this one can allow one to create wealth the smart way.

Investment Analysis- "Victorian Mini Mansion"
Investment Analysis- "Fourplex"

P.S. I've attached my 2010 calendar I sell over @ my Z Store with my personal real estate quotes. Check it out on right side of my blog thanks!


Framed Wall Tiles- AchEmpire Brand

Hi Prospects & Friends,

I'm introducing my Framed Wall Tiles I sell over @ my C Store for $11.99 on my AchEmpire Channel @ http://www.youtube.com/AchEmpire see them @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgI2mekRBP8
Framed Wall Tiles maybe hung in:

1. Family Room
2. Kitchen
3. Home Office
4. Living Room
5. Gameroom
6. Library
7. Guess Room
8. Dining
9. Study
10. Or hang where ever you like

They come in a variety of designs and maybe purchased over @ C Store on right of this blog!