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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Apartment Locating- "Project"

Hi Prospects & Friends,

I wanted to share my apartment project I'm currently working on right now that's due by 12/31/2010. Recently I had a prospect call me from one of my apartment flyer's she had received. She told me she wanted me to assist her in locating another apartment for her and her son. I immediately requested her to go ahead and give me the specifications on what she was actually wanting and she said:

1. 2Br/2Ba
2. Gated Community
3. W/D Connections
4. Zoned to her son's high school
5. Try not to go over too much from current rent of $760
6. Close to apartment currently living in

After she told me her specifications I told her I would immediately start work on the apartment project (job) and would get this all done in a timely manner. As I started to work on the apartment project everything was going great until I came across number 4 (zoned to her son's high school). I figure I could just cold call the apartment complexes that came available in my search that fit her specifications, by asking them what high school was zoned to their apartments, but in the end I found that very time consuming after 1 hour of calling. Since I knew the high school her son was attending, I decided to cut out the middlemen "apartment complexes" and went directly to the high school. I googled online the number and called the high school direct. I then said:

"Hi, I'm April with A. Colette Harris Properties, LLC and I'm trying to get some information"

The receptionist then said how can I help you? I told her I have a client that wants her son to continue to attend their high school, and that could she give me a list of zoned apartments? She told me she doesn't handle that information, and that would be the "Registers Office". I was then transferred to the registers office, and told them the samething, and they were very nice and actually sent me a list of all the zoned areas to their high school, it came out to about 50. This list made my "apartment project" go more efficiently, because I went to the school "direct" for their zoned list of apartment complexes, instead of going to the apartment complex and asking them what high school was their complex zoned too? So as of now I'm ahead of my 12/31/10 deadline, and should have this apartment project complete before then, thanks to my ability to rethink how to handle number 4. Once I'm finish and my client moves in, then the apartment complex will pay me for locating her to them. Ok I will soon share another endeavor I face/approach in my small business.


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