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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My College + Small Business Equation

Hi Prospects & Friends,

Just yesterday I was thinking wow this semester and year went by quick, and I'm going to have to prepare for next semester, as well as prep for my small business too! So I came up with the idea next semester for January 2011 when I take my classes I will package my "Journal Design- F" along with my "Quote Tote Design- 5" the pictures are above in this post. February-May 2011 I'm not sure what next package I will decide on, since I have a variety to choose from! The journal will work great when I'm jotting down my tasks & quick notes while in class, and my tote will work great when I leave class & head to my small business carrying my daily business stuff, like camera, contracts, batteries, measure tape & etc. So I choose the package set this way because the colors coordinate magically! If your like me & juggle college and business or are even a multi-tasker, head over to my z and c store brands, you can access them on right side of my blog under "April's Business Websites" thanks!


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