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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Apartment Lead "Jewel"

Hi Prospects & Friends,

About a few months ago I started typing up apartment addresses into my Microsoft Works database, so I would be able to mail to these prospects with my personalized postcards I created in Microsoft Publisher. I had some leads call me from my postcards I had created I sent by mail, and ended up getting a "Solid Lead". The "Solid Lead" was someone who had turned in her apartment notice and was looking for another apartment. I assisted her and found her a cheaper apartment, and she is moving in 8/1/2011. The apartment complex is paying me 100% commission and I will get $759.00 for referring her to them. So I was thinking after analyzing all this I sent out 90 apartment postcards and got some leads, and this 1 ended up being a "Solid Lead" which then turned into a forever "Client" for the future for me. I told my apartment lead now a client, congratulations on your new apartment, and if you ever decide to move again please contact me. I also told her she will definitely receive contact from me yearly, because she is now a "Client" of mine, and that I really appreciate her for hiring me to locate her another place. I call this lead a "Apartment Lead-"Jewel", because I sent out 90 apartment postcards by mail, and did get some calls, but this one was a "Solid Lead" because she had turned in her "Apartment Notice", and had to find another apartment quite "Quickly". After seeing the results from my first batch of apartment postcards I sent out, I'm now sending out 100/mth, it's only costing me $29/mth in stamps, and fits into my monthly marketing budget. So as I look back at all this all the typing addresses late at night I did (I now have 2,700 apartment addresses I've typed), and running to office depot to get avery labels on sale has paid off. As I'm sending out the 100/mth apartment postcards, I'm now coming up with another idea to add to it. I will market 100 postcards I will create in Microsoft Publisher to an elite subdivision I found that's doing quite well in this "Great Recession", if I get a lead out of doing this subdivision like I did with the apartment marketing, I will be "stunned", because the 100 homes I will market start at $500,000+ and generating a prospect in this category will at least earn me $15,000+ in a commission check. My goal for my small business is to have a great database of forever "Clients", and I know to get this I have to market, market, market, and keep doing it "forever". Ok have to go, and remember hard work will always and forever pay off in "The End".


P.S. The attached tote in this post is my popular "Smart Renter Tote", and you can get them at http://tinyurl.com/3boqn56 I sent 1 of these as a complimentary gift to my client, when the deal closed.

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