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Monday, September 10, 2012

New Hampshire Relocation

Hi Prospects & Global Fans!

I just wanted to share a quick story about my first relocation client, and what I gained from the experience. Recently I was advertising my rental property on http://www.har.com/acoletteharrisprpts and a prospect contacted me on the rental listing. I did my normal prospect phone screening, and as the conversation developed the prospects informed me they were moving from New Hampshire, because the husband got relocated to Texas for a job, and needed a place asap, and saw my rental property online which was 5 minutes from his job (remember key to real estate is Location/Location/Location), and they wanted to see it. So I showed them the property, and they both liked it, and wanted to immediately move in the place. I told them great, and would get them the TAR lease asap. So as I was typing the lease in ZipForms I discovered wow this is my first out of state prospect that will sign a lease with me, that will now be my tenant, and they will need to know everything about Texas! All in all the tenant screening I had to do to qualify them was the same except I had to contact "New Hampshire" contacts, and as I was actually doing all that I was gaining "Relocation Experience", and just realized it after the light bulb went off in my head. My new tenants from "New Hampshire" did inform me after their lease is up they may want to purchase a home, and will look forward for me to assist them, and I told them thank you for the continued futuristic business relationship. So fans the moral is, you never know what may come your way when you run into a business endeaver, because what ever the outcome is, if you do it right the first time, the continued success will continue there after. As for me I was able to gain:

1. Relocation Experience
2. New Tenants
3. Futuristic Home Buyers

ok will give another story soon, bye,